Working with schools


You can see us in action at, or get direct independent feedback from, our long-term school partners.

Elms Bank Specialist Arts College, Bury  Secondary work providing for students who are eligible for Pupil Premium support including those in special discrete provision.

Rowan Tree School, Wigan  Primary work across entire school including choir.

Springwood Primary, Salford  Active research centre for our Anyone Can Play scheme of work

Rumworth School, Bolton  Year 10 and above preparation for GCSE

Primary, secondary or post 16 every MU session has the following hallmarks.

Supported progression We are able to relate our work directly to P Levels, Sounds of Intent, Arts Award Discover and Explore, BTEC Performing Arts entry level and GCSE.  We also offer our own progression scheme MU Basics.

Quality sounds. We are accomplished instrumentalists. We bring a range of high quality instruments and equipment, acoustic and electronic, to lift students and add a new dimension to a session.

Quality activity. We always present groups with thought through activities in which they have a chance to contribute and have their contribution recognised. We constantly encourage students to listen and respect the contribution of others; the real mark of quality in any music making.

Quality delivery.  Expect professional, caring and committed input from hello to good bye. We never stop working on differentiation, progression and inclusion.

Quality content.  We are accomplished song writers and improvisors. We always try to source or invent material that reflects the chronological age of our students.

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High expectations. We believe everyone can make a quality contribution if they are given the time, space and support.

Team spirit. We always aim to support a school’s ethos and procedures and strive to engage with Teaching Assistants to maximise the effectiveness of our sessions.    

Grouped by year, by key stage, by mobility, discrete or inclusive we have a track record of success in progressing young people in every setting we have encountered.

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