MU Basics

MU Basics is a robust and logical scheme for assessing an individual’s skills in, and understanding of, live performance. It may also be used to underpin a scheme of work to develop the same.

There is no requirement for prior learning or qualification nor ability to write or speak. The ability to process language is essential.

Recording of achievement is done in such a way that an interested party may see what skills one has without the need for experience in special education or reference to interpretative texts.

Please take a look at the material below and let us know if this way of working is of interest to you and of value to the people you work with.

Scheme Structure

The scheme has 5 skill based sections: 


Following direction




Full Document as pdf

Each section has a list of skills that must be demonstrated in a live performance/ workshop situation. The skills prescribed within each section are progressive.

Skill levels are recorded as;

S= secure

N/S= not yet secure

N/D= not demonstrated.

Notes on interpretation

The scheme has been designed to minimise the need for guidelines and interpretation. Some examples and descriptions are given underneath the skill in question. 

It is essential for the validity and integrity of this scheme that all skills are demonstrated independently without any form of prompt or co-active assistance. 

Please direct all questions or inquiries to;

Kenton Mann

Managing Director

Music Unlimited

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